Garage Door Panel Replacement

One of the most vulnerable parts of your garage door is the door panels that make it up. These panels shield your garage from rain, extreme heat, and heavy impacts. Because of this, your door panels can get damaged over time.
Fortunately, you don’t need to replace the entire door, only the damaged panels. Garage door panel replacement can save you more money compared to door replacement.
If you need garage door panel replacement, our team composed of certified technicians can do that for you. We can replace panels on most garage doors as we work with known brands.
We work 7-days a week with no extra charge on the weekends. We also offer a warranty on labor and parts.

Different Garage Door Panel Damages

There are different reasons for your door panels to experience dents, bents, and damages. It includes weather elements, door orientation, and accidents.

When Should You Replace Your Panels


Extreme weather can damage the exterior part of your garage door. High winds are the most critical weather element that can damage your garage door. It carries debris, which can effortlessly result in broken panels upon contact. If strong winds are coupled with heavy rains or massive hailstones, your garage door can be severely damaged. We’re not just talking about dents here; your panel could also corrode and break.
Furthermore, extreme heat can also cause your door to deteriorate and fade faster.
Dented garage door panels

Unexpected Accidents

Impact damage, such as when you accidentally hit your garage door with your car when you’re parking it, can result in damaged panels. Metal doors are prone to dents from substantial impacts, while wooden doors could become bent, or worse, split in half.
Accidents can also be caused by hail, rocks, sports balls, or anything that can collide with your door panels and impair them. Additionally, your garage door panels can be damaged by animals if they pound your door very hard.


If your garage door panel is damaged or bent, it might cause your door to go off-track. As a result, your door may not move up or down as smoothly as possible. Also, it may lead to accidents if you don’t immediately consider garage door replacement or repair.
Supposing that your garage door came off of its tracks, you should stop operating it. Or else, it will just result in more damage for you. Call your garage door technician immediately to replace your garage door panels.
Off-track garage door

Panel Replacement VS Garage Door Replacement

When To Replace Garage Door Panels?

Usually, if you have damaged garage door panels, you can simply replace them and not the whole door. You can also replace them even if they are not damaged and are just old and worn-out.
Garage door panel replacement is more cost-effective than replacing your entire door. Suppose only one or two panels are damaged, it would be impractical if you throw all the other panels and replace them with new ones. Thus, consider the extent of the damage before considering door replacement.
However, one downside to panel replacement is that these new panels may look newer than the old ones. As a result, your door will not look aesthetically pleasing.

When To Replace Whole Garage Door?

On the other hand, entire garage door replacement is more logical if most, if not all, of your door panels are damaged. That’s because you can save more if you replace the whole door instead of the panels.
Aside from the extent of the damage, you should also consider the age of your garage door. If your door is too old and the model has been discontinued, you may find it hard to find replacement panels. Thus, garage door replacement is the best way to solve the issue.
Garage Door Panel Repair
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