Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation should be done by experts, since it comes with processes that require attention to detail, technical knowledge, and precision.
Our team at Express Garage Door Repair is built from professionals that have years of experience in garage door repair and installation.
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Reasons Why You Would Need to Replace or Install a New Garage Door

Do you think your garage door style is no longer trendy? A new garage door installation is perfect for you!

One of the main reasons why homeowners opt for a new garage door installation is to enhance the appearance of their house. You can choose various style options for your modern garage door, including its colors, finishes, and add-on features.


Another reason why you should install a new garage door is to increase the value of your home. If you plan to sell your house, replacing your old garage door with a modern one will undoubtedly influence potential clients to buy your property.
Installation Repair Garage Door

Our technicians can install your garage door professionally. First, we will examine and measure your garage door to determine the size of your door.

Our technicians will also show you samples of garage door designs you can choose from. We will provide all designs and installation services with a cost to budget your money well.


If you contact us for installation services, your door will come up with new tracks, a spring system, cables, rollers, and the removal of the old door.

The Type of Garage Doors We Work With

Our company can install steel and glass garage doors for your residential property. We work with high-quality brands such as Amarr, Clopay, and Wayne Dalton, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a durable door that can last for a long time.

We specialize in steel garage doors because they’re more durable than wood, vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum types. They are also damage-resistant, energy-efficient, and they can minimize outside noise.

The Benefits of Steel Garage Doors

  • Low maintenance – steel garage doors don’t rust and need repainting as frequently as wood doors. We only recommend that you wash your door regularly so that you can keep the mint condition of your door.
  • Save money on energy bills – Insulated steel doors will increase your household’s energy efficiency. They can keep the cool air inside your house during summer and warm air in the winter. Because of this, you don’t have to constantly turn on your heater or cooler, thereby lowering your electricity bills. 
  • Durability – A steel garage door is your best option if you need to replace your broken and dilapidated door. This door is durable and damage-proof. Steel doors can withstand cracks, rust, climate, fire, and warping.
  • Reduce outside noise – If you’re looking for a soundproof door, a steel garage door is suited for you. The additional foam layer on your insulated steel door blocks the noise coming from outside from being heard inside your home. As a result, you won’t be bothered by loud outside noises.
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Insulation in Garage Door

Insulated Garage Door

Garage doors can be insulated by either a layer of polystyrene or polyurethane insulation material. It makes your steel garage door thicker and prevents unwanted heat flow to and from your garage. Should you plan to install an insulated garage door, you should look for one with a high R-value. The R-value stands for the effectiveness of insulation of your door. If your door has a higher R-value, it means that your door can retain better the air inside your garage.
Insulated garage door

Uninsulated Garage Door

An uninsulated steel garage door does not have any insulation layer to maintain the temperature inside your house. Thus, while an uninsulated garage door is less expensive than an insulated one, it doesn’t offer you comfort and energy efficiency.
Uninsulated garage door

Styles of Garage Doors

The three common garage door styles you can install are the following:

Traditional Garage Door

If you’re looking for a classic-style garage door, the traditional style is perfect for you. A traditional garage door is known for its classic elevated rectangular panels.

Carriage style of door

A carriage style of door is a popular choice for different house styles. It replicates the appearance of carriage doors in old carriage houses.

Contemporary garage door

For decades, contemporary garage doors have been providing houses with a clean and attractive curb appearance. There are plenty of modern designs you can choose from for your home’s exterior.
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Garage Door Add-ons

Since you’re installing a new garage door, you may want to include additional features to your door. You can ask your technician to install windows, air holes, and decorative hardware to match your desired garage door style.

Brands We Work With

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Amarr garage doors
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