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Garage door cables need to be in their best condition for your door to function correctly. If you have a broken garage door cable, you need to solve the issue immediately, since you will not be able to enter your garage. At Express Garage Door Repair, we offer high-quality garage door cable. In addition, we have different sizes of garage cables that can match a variety of doors. Our garage door cable repair service is available same day, including weekends, by our certified technicians.

Signs That You Need To Replace Your Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables are an important part of the door that allow an easy and efficient opening and closing. Being able to identify the source of your problem can save you and your technician a lot of time and energy.

Old Cables

Having old cables is a sign that you should consider garage door cable repair. Old wires are usually the leading cause of broken garage door cables. If you haven’t changed them for years, they might already be suffering from wear and tear. This results in a non-functional garage door.

snapped garage door cable
Rusted Garage Door Cables

Rusted Cables

If you notice corrosion on your cables, you should replace your cables right away. If not, you may end up with a snapped garage door which could cause unwanted accidents.

Jammed cables

Another sign you need cable repair is an obstructed cable. Garage doors are raised by a spring system, which turns the pulley and pulls the wire that is attached to the garage door. However, if your cable is broken, your door will not move up or down.

Jammed Garage Door Cables

The Safety Cables

If your garage door has an extension spring system, you need to install safety cables to supports the springs. A safety cable keeps your door springs from flying around your garage in case it snaps. It also runs through the springs, which are attached to the ceiling or walls at each end.

In some cases, a broken garage door cable can lead to extension springs having high tension. This situation can cause accidents and injury. Hence, you should install safety cables to contain the broken spring and prevent your door from collapsing.

If you don’t know how to install safety cables for you garage door, call us so we can help you. As your trusted garage door technician, we can help you set up garage door safety cables.

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